The Cotati are a highly intelligent species of telepaths who are sessile in adulthood and resemble large plants or trees.

The Cotati evolved 20 million years ago on Hala,[1] the same planet as the warlike humanoid Kree race, in the Pama star system.

The aggressive Kree believed themselves to be superior to all other species, and attempted to exterminate the peaceful Cotati. Approximately one hundred thousand Earth years ago, Hala was visited by the Skrull Empire (at that time, the Skrulls were a benevolent race). The Skrulls tried to put an end to the conflict; since both parties claimed to be more "advanced" than the other, they would both be given the opportunity to prove their superiority. Representatives of the Kree and Cotati were taken to a neutral location; the Earth's Moon. There, they were given one local year to come up with a viable habitat on the moon's surface.

The Kree built a mighty Blue City, with magnificent (by Kree standards) architecture, artificial gravity, and a bubble of self-replenishing air, identical to that of the planet (Earth) that this moon orbited. However, the Skrulls gave the prize to the Cotati, who had created a self-sustaining ecology for the area, without which the grandiose Kree city would be useless for habitation. Enraged, the Kree ambushed the Skrull starship that had brought them there, slaughtered the Skrulls and Cotati, and returned to Hala, now in possession of tremendously advanced technology, which they would use to arm for war.

While the fascistic Kree battled the Skrulls for millennia, radically warping a once-benevolent society into an ultra-militaristic state, on their own homeworld they also committed a near-total act of genocide against the Cotati. Only with the assistance of a small number of Kree who were members of a secretive pacifist sect, the Priests of Pama, did any Cotati survive at all, disguised as ornamental plants.[2]

Some Cotati were eventually smuggled out of the Kree Empire, to settle on out-of-the-way planets. Those few on Earth have played a role in the lives of various superheroes, including the Avengers and the Silver Surfer.

The artificial environment created for the competition between the Kree and the Cotati still stands; today it is known as the Blue Area of the Moon, and is the location of Uatu the Watcher and his citadel; it was for several years also the location of the Inhumans' city of Attilan.[3] The Blue Area is also the site of the first recorded "death" of the Phoenix.[4]

The eldest of Earth's Cotati resurrected and took possession of the Swordsman's body so as to mate with Mantis and father the Celestial Messiah.[5]

Alternate Realities


Cotati (Earth-9997) Universe X Vol 1 0

Cotati of Earth X

The Cotati were present during the construction of the fortified citadel in the Blue Area of the Moon[6]

Powers and Abilities


Telepathy, by sacrificing the rite of locomotion for uninterrupted meditation.[7]


Highly intelligent

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Water covers 65% of the planet
Gravity: 175% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 150% Earth density, with 25% oxygen content
Population: None on Hala, millions elsewhere


Type of Government: None
Level of Technology: None
Cultural Traits: Love of peace and beauty
Representatives: None


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