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Cosmos Cubed

Cosmos Cubed
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Troy Denning


Elders of the Universe:

Inhumans Royal Family:

Other Characters:

New to this Story:

  • Garnet Cato (Inhuman)
  • Super-Kree (Kree)
  • Oolafat
  • Trista Rufina (Inhuman)
  • Claud Victor (Inhuman)


  • Unidentified Reality




The Kree have developed one of the most powerful weapons in history: The Kree Cosmic Cube. With the adequate power source, it could be capable of destroying anyone. Of course the Skrulls know of this and will try to intercept the Kree courier that carries the Cube to their Empire. An accidental crash landing in a rogue, unchartered planetoid near the Earth seems more than accidental. The Watcher of Earth summons a team of cosmic-level heroes to investigate and, before they can understand it, they are in the middle of a contest, fighting the Inhumans with the higher stakes ever.


Cosmos Cubed is a role-playing game adventure published by TSR, Inc. for the original Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game. It was the first of a three-part module where the player characters deal with Galactus in a mostly friendly way. It was intended to be used before Ragnarok and Roll (RPG) and Left Hand of Eternity

Player Characters

The players are advised to use cosmic-level characters. They can choose them from the Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe, or even create their own characters, but in that cases some rules to boost them could be used (In the plot, Uatu gives the characters more power). The game suggested Thor, Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, Mantis, Nova (Frankie Raye), the Firelord (Pyreus Kril), Beta Ray Bill and the Gladiator (Kallark). Notice that three (perhaps four) of those eight characters are former heralds of Galactus.


  • Written and Designed by Troy Denning
  • Editing by Mike Breault
  • Cover illustration by Jeff Butler
  • Interior illustrations by John Statema
  • Maps by Stephen D. Sullivan
  • Special thanks to Jeff Grubb
  • Playtesting by Stephen D. Sullivan, Ed Sollera, Bill Willingham, David Cook
  • Distributed by Random House
  • Published in 1988
  • Original price: $5.95


  • The graphic rendering of Uatu changes notably from the cover to the first chapter.


ISBN 9780880385473

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