This robot construct of the Hulk was created as a misguided experiment by two students at the Maryland Institute of Technology and inadvertently brought to "life" by exposure to cosmic energy from the Eternals' Uni-Mind. The construct ran amok in a nearby city, killing several people and causing massive property damage.[1] The Eternals Sersi, Makkari, and Ikaris attempted to subdue it, but only the Eternals' ruler Zuras was able to vent the cosmic energy giving the robot life. The pseudo-Hulk fled to the city's sewers, where it exploded, inadvertently freeing the Deviant Mutate Dromedan from his crypt beneath the city.[2][3]

It was used as a member of the Assembly of Evil.[4]

More recently, the Hulk robot was stolen from Olympia by the Intelligencia[5] and used in an attack on Dr. Doom.[6] It was later destroyed by Red Hulk aboard the crashing Hellcarrier.[7]


Seemingly those of the Hulk, enough to fight Red Hulk.

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