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Quote1 My name is Cottonmouth--Cornell Cottonmouth--and if you do not release Mr. Slick immediately--I shall be forced to make you put him down--and that, I guarantee you, is something you would surely regret! Quote2
-- Cottonmouth src

Early Life

Cornell Cottonmouth (Earth-616) from Power Man Vol 1 19 001

Cornell Cottonmouth

Cornell Cottonmouth was one of New York City's leading crime bosses. His criminal enterprise controlled most of the heroin trade in the City.[2]

Luke Cage

When Willis Stryker wanted to frame Carl Lucas (who would go on to become the superhero Luke Cage) for drug trafficking, he stole heroin from Cottonmouth's organization.[3] One of Cage's informants, Flea, eventually discovered this information, but was killed by Cottonmouth's men.[2]

Cottonmouth then tried to recruit Cage into his organization. Cage accepted as a ploy to bring Cottonmouth to justice. To prove himself, he was sent to retrieve a shipment of heroin that had been stolen by Boss Morgan's men.[1] After having infiltrated the organization, Cage gathered enough evidence to bring them down and inform the authorities.[4]

The Rivals

Cottonmouth joined Nightshade's gang The Rivals. He was given a section of the city to run his business. Daredevil sent a group of Hand ninja's to attack him and his organization. But Luke Cage arrived taking out the ninja's and breaking Conttonmouth's teeth in the process.[5]

Cornell Cottonmouth (Earth-616) 0002

Cottonmouth tracked down Cage with a group of corrupt cops, and beat him as best they could. Cottonmouth was about to take a bite from Cage's face when he was stopped by Nightshade. She told Cage that if he became her enforcer he would be spared.[6] However Iron Fist came to his rescue and knocked out Cottonmouth, but Nightshade escaped.[7]


Cottonmouth, Nightshade, and the Flashmob, tried to leave spider-infested Manhattan, but were stopped by the Heroes for Hire.[8]

Strength level

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Cottonmouth was exceptionally strong, managing to fight Luke Cage to a stand-off.[9]


  • Golden Teeth: Cottonmouth has sharpened, gold-capped teeth.[6]

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