This factory was re-established by Janice Cord following her father's death.
One evening, stopping by Cord Manufacturing, Tony Stark found the Crimson Dynamo menacing Janice Cord and drove him off as Iron Man. Realizing he had been holding back for fear of straining his heart, Iron Man left, unaware that the Dynamo never left the building and was really Alex Niven, Cord's chief engineer[1].
Soon after Janice discovered that Alex was the Crimson Dynamo, the Titanium Man bursted through the wall of the Cord factory to arrest Nevsky. Iron Man followed the destruction trail to Cord Manufacturing, where the Crimson Dynamo was escaping with Janice. As the two fought while Janice tried to calm them down, Titanium Man attacked all three and the unprotected Janice was killed. Blaming Iron Man, Nevksy fled in his damaged armor while Tony battled Titanium Man, brutally disabling his armor before losing the Russian in the river[2].


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