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Controller numbered Thirteen was part of the underground organization of sadistic voyeurs known as the Theatre of Pain, turning the physical and emotional anguish of others into profit. Controller-13 had his nerves deadened, making him incapable of feeling emotion or pain. This made him the perfect handler for La Lunatica, a mutant psycho-vampire who fed off of the emotional turmoil of others.

For ten years, Luna served Controller-13 as his slave thanks to an obedience collar. Their "art" involved Luna's touch unleashed the buried emotional scars of test subjects, allowing Controller-13's machines to psychically record these memories and the emotions attached to them. Controller-13's reach exceeded his grasp when he had Luna capture the X-Men. Timothy Fitzgerald's explosive energy release destroyed the Dark Room's equipment and shorted out Luna's collar, allowing her to finally take revenge on Controller 13.[1]

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