Quote1 David knew where the sweetest flowers grew for his mother's grave. Quote2
-- Narrator src
Constance Death (Earth-616)
Constance Rand was the mother of Ka-Zar (David Rand) and wife of John Rand the wealthy owner of a diamond fields in Transvaal.

In 1921, while on a flight with her husband and their son from Johannesburg to Cairo, their plane crashed in the Belgian Congo. They were stranded in the jungle attempting to get the attention of rescue planes but to no avail.

Eventually, Constance succumbed to a jungle fever and died. She was buried in the jungle and her son David lined her grave with some of the most exotic flowers he could find in the jungle.

John continued to raise their son in the jungle until he was murdered by jewel hunter Paul de Kraft. David was adopted by the lion known as Zar and grew up to the became the legendary hero Ka-Zar.[1][2]

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