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Mothership (destroyed)

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Chief Executive Officer, Weapons Officer Trynx, employees of various races


The Consortium is a large alien company with holdings on several worlds.

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During the planetary travels of Her, she encountered the Consortium enslaving a population. She fought against them and freed the population. This mean the Consortium brought their full force to bear on the problem. Her, in attempt to escape the Consortium, returned to earth, only to crash land in Toronto. Alpha Flight was called in to investigate and offered to protect her. [1]

The Consortium, having followed Her, began a massive attack on the city. Alpha Flight fought off the first few waves of assault with a minimal amount of damage but the Avengers helped them deal with the final waves. [2]

During the battle, Vindicator, teleported half of both teams away to battle Galactus on a far distant planet in another dimension. [3]

Due to the physical laws of the other dimension the combined efforts of the Avengers and Alpha Flight could have beaten Galactus, but instead an arrangement was made. Galactus would spare the Quwrlln and instead devour the Consortium mothership which was attacking Toronto as their motherships used miniaturized planets as a fuel source. The teams worked together to allow Galactus to eat the Consortium’s mothership, ending the organization.[4]


Equipment: The Consortium had access to a wide variety of alien technology.
Transportation: The Consortium’s primary “office” was in a large, saucer-shaped mothership.

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