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Detective Connor Trevane owed Spider-Man for his son, and he told him where to find the Chameleon[1].
Helped by Salt Lake City police detective Jacob Raven, Trevane accused Ben Reilly of murder[2].
Trevane waited until the judge issued a warrant to arrest Peter Parker[3].
He then arrested him at home, right after the death of Aunt May[4].
Lieutenant Connor Trevane held the press conference following Peter Parker's arrest for first-degree murder[5].

He later investigated the mystery of Carnage terrorizing the city, even though Cletus Kasady was safe in his cell at Ravencroft Institute[6].

A short time later, Det. Trevane was visited by Arthur Stacy, wanting to know the latest about Spider-Man.[7]
He then introduced him to Lieutenant Michael Tork and Detective Snider.[8]
Trevane and his partners witnessed Spider-Man battle the Green Goblin in front of the Daily Bugle Building.[9]
Some time later, Trevane headed an official Task Force, set up by the Department of Justice to investigate Roxxon Corporation.[10]


None, human.


Magnum revolver.

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