The Concussion Ray was a portable device[1][2] including microcomputer electronics inside. The item broadcast a high-intensity excruciating force blast that knocked down anyone in a nearby area for little more than one minute, except for individuals who were protected against the effect.[2] Doctor Doom's armor was an effective protection against this item[1] - unsurprising as Doom himself had devised it.[2] If a particularly hardy individual was able to overcome the effect of the Ray, the Ray's user could simply keep it on for more time until the intended victim submitted.[1]

Doctor Doom built one unit of this weapon, which he kept in a secret compartment in the basement of the Latverian Embassy in New York City.[2] He used it once to knock down three of the Fantastic Four - the Human Torch, Mister Fantastic and She-Hulk - and their ally Wasp. He approached them while they were fighting disposable Servo-Guards, then used the item. Mister Fantastic recognized it, but was helpless against its effect. She-Hulk fought back temporarily but she capitulated before she could confront Doom. Doom then imprisoned the heroes in specialized jails.[1]


Concussion Ray from Machines of Doom

Concussion Ray

The book Machines of Doom shows an image of the full Concussion Ray. Its previous appearance in Fantastic Four #288 never revealed the details of the handle because Doom was always holding it.

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