Quote1 You're not the ones I want -- though I want to slay a thousand of you! Where is your leader? Where is the ape that flies like a vulture? WHERE IS THE MONSTER THAT SLEW MY MATE?? Quote2
-- Conan

Appearing in "Death on the Black Coast!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Ajujo (Invoked)
  • Ishtar (Invoked)
  • Unnamed Stygian sailor (Only in flashback)
  • Gods of Cimmeria (Mentioned)
  • Winged people (Only in flashback) (Vision)
  • Old Ones (Mentioned)
  • Unnamed Stygian tribe (Only in flashback) (Vision)

Races and Species:

  • Humans
  • Reptiles (Main story and flashback) (Vision)
  • Apes (Mentioned)
  • Winged people, oldest race in the world (Main story and flashback) (Vision) (Extinction)
  • Old Ones (Mentioned)
  • Black Lotus
  • Hyenas (Only in flashback) (Vision)




Synopsis for "Death on the Black Coast!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

  • Gruenwald is assistant editor, Shooter is consulting editor.
  • Cover art: layout by Severin.
  • Conclusion of the story Queen of the Black Coast by Robert E. Howard.

  • No trivia.

See AlsoEdit

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. Handbook of the Conan Universe #1; Conan's entry

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