The Comte de Nuit is a French crimefighter and member of Les Heroes de Paris, who became a crimefighter to avenge the murder of his father at the hands of thieves.

The Comte de Nuit and his teammates were helped by the Thing in battling the L'Empereur du Monde Souterrain, who wanted to collapse the city of Paris by tunneling under it.[1]

Nuit was next seen as a member of France's main black ops team the Le Bureau Discret who was sent to the hilltop borough Montmartre to find their missing teammate Anaïs. Upon their arrival, Nuit and the group happened upon Anaïs's "dead" body in an alleyway.

Wondering how this could happen to her, they brought in their specialist, Le Necrogateur to telepathically read her last memories. But de Nuit and the others were ambushed by X-Force before learning Anaïs was only hit with a suspended animation bullet that simulated death. The main target was Necrogateur himself, and X-Force body-slided out of there while leaving the team and Comte de Nuit out cold.[2]

Le Comte de Nuit's appearance and origin would seem to be an homage to the DC Comics hero Batman (Bruce Wayne).

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