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The Combine is a composite being made up of former members of the Peace Corpse. As terrorists, they took the Waterwind (a British nuclear submarine) hostage. When their bomb was unintentionally set off, the Peace Corpse members (along with the Avengers, Alpha Flight, People's Protectorate, and various citizens of Atlantis and Canada) were transported to an otherdimensional space via Shaman's Medicine Pouch. There, the nuclear energies combined with alien energies to merge Illyick Prokvitch and Strokov into the Combine. When they made clear their plans to return all affected to Earth where they would carry deadly nuclear radiation, the remaining Peace Corpse members forcibly joined the Combine and convinced them otherwise. Instead, the Combine removed all radiation and began to explore the alien dimensions it now called home. [1]


The Combine was able to generate force fields, use directed energy as a weapon, and absorb radiation.

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