Comanche Nation Membership

The Comanche Nation is a proud tribe of Native Americans whose origins span back centuries. Below is a comprehensive listing of members of prominent members of the Apache nation that have existed in the Marvel Universe:

American Frontier

Grey Wolf Tribe

Grey Eagle: Chief of the tribe, he was the father of the famous Frontier hero the Red Warrior. His wife was murdered by white outlaws.

Nakomah: A member of Grey Wolf's tribe, she helped with the delivery of Red Warrior[1].

Red Warrior: The greatest warrior of the Comanche tribe, he was believed to have been blessed by the spirit of Manitou. He strove to bring lasting peace between the Comanches and white settlers.

Big Horn: Trained the Red Warrior how to hunt[1].

Running Bear & Blue Hawk: Slain by white outlaws[1].

Flaming Arrow: Was jealous of Red Warrior and attempted to convince the tribe to revolt against him and their leader Grey Wolf. Red Warrior challenged him to a battle to the death and won[1].

Blue Hawk: A warrior[1]

Dawn Star: A teacher as well as the woman who won the Red Warrior's love[2]

Little Bear: A young brave who decided to abandon his teachings to be a great warrior like the Red Warrior. Red Warrior taught him that a good education is where he learned all he knew to become great[2].

Magowuk: One of Red Warrior's good friends. He was infected with rabies and the Red Warrior was forced to put him out of his misery[3].

Other Tribes

Eagle Wing: Chief of a tribe of Comanches who were framed for attacks on ranchers of Gunbutt Storms. They were cleared of all wrong doing thanks to the outlaw Kid Colt[4].

Grey Wolf: Chief of a Comanche tribe who tried to convince Apache chief Red Hawk into joining him in a war against the US soldiers at Ford Madison. When Red Hawk refused he kidnapped his niece White Swan. Grey Wolf was slain battling the Apache Kid[5].

Running Dear The leader of a tribe of Comanches. He was slain by outlaws trying to sell liquor and guns to his people.

Sly Wolf: Son of Running Deer, when his father was killed he attempted to take control of the tribe and ply them with alcohol and guns to go to war. He was stopped by the Black Rider[6].

Black Arrow: Exiled from his tribe for wrong doing. He redeemed himself by helping Kid Colt in hunting down a mountain lion that was stalking local ranchers cattle[7].

Running Deer: A Comanche warrior who was friends with Kid Colt[8].

War Cloud: Tribal leader whose land was threatened by a rancher named Ringo. His people were aided by Kid Colt[9].

Modern Age


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