When Colin Hardy became a mutant, his powers were also passed to his family, all granted now with the power of flying.

The Hardy family was then formed a squadron of the Royal Air Force, the Scarlet Knights, were revered as national heroes and performed every year at Farnborough Air Shows giving rides to people.

During the Decimation, the entire family suffered the loss of their powers, during this show, in flight with civilians and subsequently free fell to their deaths.

In a revenge attack against the treatment endured by depowered mutants, Colin decided to blew up a large section of the London Underground, killing several people.

It is unknown whether or not he died in the explosion.


None, Hardy is a depowered mutant.

It is unknown if they were granted X-Gene, or only powers, but Colin stated that they were mutants. It is possible that it is his own depoweration who led to his family's. It is also unknown on what basis were they granted those powers: Proximity during the powering, family in a spiritual way, or in a genetic way (transmitting his powers to his genetic sources and siblings).


Some abilities in explosives



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