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Cloot was invocated by Charlie Ronalds to slay Guido Carosella and X-Factor. [2]

Intending first to kill him, Cloot eventually give him the access to his realms and the souls therein, claiming there was a lot of them with hatred for X-Factor, and that he had no sympathy for them, since their association with the Hulk.[2]

He then transformed Ronalds into his Charon, as a deal to carrying souls to Cloot's realms against power, and leave.

Hearing that Charon intended to kill Guido without having his soul, he came back and showed Charlie the truth about his parents, his mother being a "high-price hussy" and his father her "manager", who were residing in Cloot's realm. He then absorbed Charon in his dimension and left.[2]

He claimed to have invented the politically correct[3], using the name Geecees to designate mutants.

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