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Cloak of Levitation

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Cloak of Levitation

Information-silk Official Name
Cloak of Levitation
Information-silk Aliases
Doctor Strange's Cloak; Cloak of Bewitchment[1]
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Lead Designer
Eriniathon the Weaver
Information-silk Current Owner
Doctor Strange
Information-silk Previous Owners
Doctor Voodoo


Two known cloaks: Doctor Strange's current cloak and a blue cloak he formerly wore given to his apprentice Rintrah.

The original red cloak was destroyed by the monster Zom in combat with Strange,[1] but Strange skillfully restored it soon afterwards in a feat that impressed the Living Tribunal.[2]

Doctor Strange


  • The cloak responds to commands. It can be directed even if not being worn.
  • Flight/Levitation; The cloak is far more efficient and effective than casting a flight spell, enabling its wearer to fly for indeterminate lengths for around 25 miles an hour, though must require some small extent of magic in the wearer to function, as shown when the magic-drained Doctor Strange fell to earth, his Cloak of Levitation unable to be controlled
  • The cloak itself is very durable and offers the wearer some protection.
  • The cloak can ensnare an opponent or grab onto a ledge.
  • Alter appearance: The cloak can take other forms such as a trenchcoat or poncho.


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