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Hawkeye was once a premier superhero and a member of the Avengers. When the supervillains banded together and took over the world, Hawkeye survived the purge of superheroes, but was blinded by Avalanche.

Hawkeye recruited Logan to help him deliver a package to New Babylon, and acted as Logan's guide across the country, ruled by infamous Villains.

When he attempted to barter one of the Super-Soldier Serum vials he was delivering for himself, it was revealed that there was no actual underground hero league, but the delivery was a setup in order to kill him. He was shot between the eyes by Tobias, who was acting as his buyer.


Hawkeye seemed to have a radar-like sense, much like Daredevil once had, with the addition of his normal deadly accuracy. He was even able to drive while blind.


Seemingly those of Clinton Barton of Earth-616.


Hawkeye is blind due to cataracts.


A Katana and custom-made bow, quick-release quiver, and a number of arrows.

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