When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Hawkeye helped his fellow Avengers hold back the infected. Early in Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers #1, Hawkeye is in a battle with Bobbi Morse, before shooting an arrow into her to seemingly put her out of her misery. Later he regroups with the uninfected survivors, to talk to Nick Fury about evacuation. Clint is attacked with his fellow members of the Avengers, before Victor von Doom arrives on the scene and explains that Latveria is plague free from collars he built to keep everyone immune. Clint is hesitant about asking for help after Reed Richards warns him that it's a bad idea. Later in Marvel Universe vs Avengers #4 he finds out that Deadpool and Doctor Doom has succumbed to the plague. He then activates the collars to transform the uninfected survivors, transforming them. After Black Widow and Punisher fight through the chaos, Hawkeye comes back with an arrow that has a broken adamantium claw of Wolverine and shoots the arrow into Doctor Doom's head. He is killed by Thor Odinson unexpectedly by getting his head smashed my Mjolnir.

Hawkeye seems to be immune to the plague and can possibly be a carrier.

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