Cleric was the codename of one of the Hull House children. He/she died under mysterious circumstances. His/her death was investigated by the Ministry of Defense on behalf of Department H. There was a classified report about the initial results of the investigation. [1]

Cleric's death had been recorded in provincial records as caused by self-inflicted strangulation. An autopsy revealed high quantities of a chemical compound in his/her blood and severe paralysis in part of the central nervous system. The analysis of Cleric's personal journal revealed numerous infractions of project-security parameters, including treatments. The journal was incinerated following its analysis. The investigation of Cleric's death would continue per protocol. [1]

Puck received the classified report on the investigation, send to him by someone calling himself/herself as "a friendly insider". Several words of the report had been blanked out with a marker, but what remained seemed to be alarming. [1]

It is unclear whether Cleric's death was self-inflicted or a result of his/her super-human abilities. The other known "legacy" children of Hull House were mutants and superhumans: Flex, Ghost Girl, Murmur, and Radius.

  • Cleric and his/her death were featured in written material of Alpha Flight Vol 2 3, but not seen on panel. The character was consequently not depicted visually. The gender of the character is uncertain because the report used only the terms "Cleric", "subject", and "legacy" for him/her. It never mentioned his/her gender. Actual clerics are clergy members and predominately male. Female clerics are relatively rare but do exist.
  • Like the other "legacy" children of Hull House, Cleric probably had super-human powers or abilities. This would explain the interest Department H in him/her. Hull House is known to be affiliated with the Department H and was used by the Department to recruit operatives. It was never clarified, however, whether Cleric was a Homo superior, like the rest of the "legacy" children.

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