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Nasty Boys

With the ability to absorb the sound waves around him and send them back with concussive force by screaming, Mister Sinister favored Ruckus and often kept him in reserve. Unfortunately, Ruckus' youth makes him arrogant, as seen when he and his comrade (or possibly lover) Ramrod robbed a convenience store and obliterated a group of police officers. The act did not go unpunished, and when returning to base, Ruckus was put in his place. While working with a renegade Madrox dupe, Ruckus was put in direct conflict with the mutant group X-Factor. Flying in a hovercraft, he went after Polaris, using the sound of a firecracker to amplify and literally rock her world. Polaris was eventually able to take him out.[1]

He appeared much later, along with the rest of the Nasty Boys, on a mission to stop Malice who had inhabited Havok's body. During the battle, Ruckus was the first to strike, using his power to catch Malice off guard. Eventually, X-Factor joined the battle and Ruckus was taken out by Strong Guy. After the battle, Mr. Sinister grabbed his Nasty Boys and fled.[2]

He was eventually hired by Mystique to assassinate Senator Kelly, but failed to when the X-Men showed up.[3]


After the M-Day, Clement retained his powers.[4]


Ruckus became ashamed of his past actions. He eventually came to the Institute of Bio-Social Studies who had developed a new "mutant cure", X-Cise, after the Phoenix Dispersion and the new mutant bloom. Clement then took the cure, leaving him in a child-like state, unable to use his mutant gifts.[4] It is unknown if that choice was sincere or influenced by Red Skull's powers (using Charles Xavier's powers).

It appears that the X-Cise treatment was temporary, as Clement's mental state appeared to be back to normal.[5] Whether or not his powers returned is unknown.

Bank robber

Ruckus convinced Ramrod to come to England to rob banks, but were arrested during an attempt (allegedly because of Ramrod), and were sentenced to thirteen years at Ellmont Prison, Kent.[5]

Terrigen Cloud

When the Terrigen Cloud was on course with the prison, and as the British Government refused to get them out of harms way, the X-Men moved to evacuate them. After the rescue, they were both imprisoned in X-Haven to fulfill their sentences.[5]


Acoustikinesis: Able to absorb the sound around him and send them back with concussive force through his vocal chords.

Taking X-Cise, he was unable to use his powers.[4]


Seemingly formerly, after his X-Cise taking, Clement was brain-damaged and has regressed to a child-like state, forbidding him from reflection.[4]


Seemingly formerly, after his X-Cise taking, Clement was brain-damaged and has regressed to a child-like state.[4]


Formerly vehicles provided by Mister Sinister.

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