Clara Crandall was the daughter of a well known scientist who was developing a new coating to put on battleships to make them more durable. Her father would become a target of spies who would steal his formula and leave them to die in their burning apartment. Clara's cries for help were heard by Marvex, the Super-Robot, who was passing by. Saving the Crandalls, Mr. Crandall would die anyway due to health complications. Smitten by Marvex, she would explain the whole situation and the robot would rush off and murder all of the spies responsible, including their leader von Crabb. Recovering the formula Marvex would return it to Clara, who would have her lust for Marvex quashed when he would reveal to her that he is really a robot[1].

Clara would become Marvex's friend during his exploration on Earth during his early wanderings. When her friend Jim Hansen would be wrongly accused of murder and placed on deathrow she would ask Marvex to save her friend. Marvex would succeed, and also reveal the true criminal Spike Green, thereby clearing Jim's name[2]. In her last recorded appearance, Clara would come to Marvex's aid when he was captured by the evil Doctor Narr. Receiving his radio SOS, she would rush to Narr's hideout and destroy the controls to the magnet keeping him incapacitated. Free, Marvex would destroy Narr's robots from harming Clara. In the end, Doctor Narr would end up jumping out a window to his death, ending his threat[3].

Eventually, Clara and Marvex would part company under unrevealed circumstances. Here subsequent activities remain unrevealed.


For a time Clara had a radio receiver that would allow her to pick up radio signals transmitted by Marvex, allowing the pair to communicate at a distance.


At one time, Clara carried a pistol.

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