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The Chronos Corps are a group of time-displaced individuals Kang the Conqueror rescued from certain death at the hands of their own dying universes.

After the Apocalypse Twins began meddling with the already-shattered fabric of time and space and destroyed Kang's future, several other realities began to collapse as well. Kang traveled to them after fleeing his own dying universe and rescued a native from each universe to form his Chronos Corps. These individuals were Ahab, Venom, Iron Man 2020, Doom 2099, Magistrate Elizabeth Braddock, Deathlok Abomination, and Stryfe.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

  • The Chronos Corps has much in common with the Anachronauts, a cadre of warriors who served Kang back when Kang had a kingdom.
  • No trivia.
  • None.

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