The man known as the Chronarch was a janitor working at a research group who unintentionally spilled something onto the Chrono-Scepter. This interaction caused the scepter to open a time vortex and pulled dinosaurs into the present day. Somehow the Scepter allowed control over these dinosaurs. The Chronarch created a suit of armor, adopted his new identity, and began his plans to become a super-villain. He came to the attention of the Defenders at his base of operations in an abandoned theme park. The Defenders were able to disarm him and return the dinosaurs to their time.[1]


Chrono-Scepter from Defenders Vol 2 12 001

The Chrono-Scepter

  • Armor
  • Chrono-Scepter: this allowed portals to other time periods (though only shown connecting to past times) to the present. Somehow this also allowed the Chronarch to control the dinosaurs he pulled into the present.

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