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Christopher Priest

Christopher Priest

Real Name
Christopher James Priest
Jim Owsley; James Owsley; James C. Owsley

Marvel; DC; Acclaim

Writer, Editor, [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]]


First publication

Place of Birth
New York City , New York , United States of America

Date of Birth

June 30, 1961

Personal History

He was born in the borough of Queens. His full birth name is James Christopher Owsley. He changed his name legally to Christopher James Priest circa 1993.

Work History

Images Attributed to Christopher Priest


  • In an article in Power Man and Iron Fist #102, several editor assistants were depicted with their caricatures. Jim Owsley's name appears instead under an image of Galactus instead.


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