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An insectoid race, averaging 1'6" in length and possessing two red eyes, an iridescent green carapace, and transparent insectile wings on top of their bodies, making them resemble a cross between a dragonfly and a helicopter. They are highly empathic, and are able to psychically scan the interior of organic bodies, which lead to them becoming highly valued as physicians in the Shi'ar Empire. They are native to the planet Chr'yllalisa, which orbits the star Chr'yll in the Shi'ar home galaxy; Chr'yllalisa's atmosphere possesses a high oxygen content. Sikorsky, the medic of the Starjammers, is a Chr'ylite.

Powers and Abilities


Flight, Exoskeleton that provides protection, empathy that allows them to mentally scan the interior of organic beings


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: 50% surface covered with water
Gravity: 120% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 140% Earth density, with high oxygen content
Population: 3.7 million


Type of Government: Benevolent matriarchy
Level of Technology: None as they have no means to manipulate tools
Cultural Traits: Their psychic and empathic abilities make them excellent diplomats and physicians in the Shi'ar Empire
Representatives: Sikorsky


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