Choke the Bear was a mascot for a Houston basketball team. Several years ago, while he was working at a basketball game a meteorite struck the court and hit the mascot in his Choke outfit. The energies mutated the costume granting it powerful abilities. The mascot seemed to lose touch with reality and considered himself to be a "mascot for Houston" and tried to continue doing his job while semi-intentionally destroying parts of the city. After a time, people acclimated to Choke's presence and he grew bored, leading him to move to Mexico.[1]

After hearing about the presence of the Scarlet Spider in Houston, Choke decided to return, seeing himself as a hero to smite the villainous Scarlet Spider. When he arrived, he could not find the Scarlet Spider and parts of the city fled in terror. When the Scarlet Spider and teammate Justice arrived, Choke attacked them. Upon hearing Choke's version of events, the Scarlet Spider offered a simple solution; if "Houston isn't big enough for the both of them," he would leave. Choke then turned on Justice as a candidate for a super-villain and attacked him. [1]

Choke the Bear (Earth-616) from New Warriors Vol 5 9 002

Teaming up, Justice and Scarlet Spider were able to defeat choke. They discovered that the man inside the suit had not mutated along with the suit and was a regular-sized man operating the suit. Destroying parts of the suit, they removed him and left him for the police to arrest.[1]


Choke the Bear costume: when he was hit by a meteorite, the costume the mascot wore was imbued with several powers and grew to great size. In addition to being several stories tall (with proportional strength), the suit could also emit energy beams from the eyes.

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