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On a planet in another galaxy, the leaders of a peaceful humanoid race watched in horror as the invading Black Fleet of starships destroyed world after world, moving towards the humanoids' own solar system. The leaders of the humanoid race did not know how to cope with the approaching invaders, for their race had been pacifists for centuries. Not only had the race no weaponry for defense, but its members were so dedicated to their pacifist philosophy that they found the very idea of warring against the invaders to be abhorrent. Among the leaders only Durgan the Philosopher sought a means of fighting back against the Black Fleet. He had used the race's advanced technology to observe the superhumanly powerful beings of Earth, and wondered if somehow their powers could be turned to the service of his race.

Sometime later, a helmeted, robed figure calling himself the Chief Examiner began to appear from time to time on Earth. The Chief Examiner would observe superhumanly powerful beings in action, and attempt to lure them through a strange, floating black portal. Once inside the portal, the superhumanly powerful being would be examined and analyzed by an alien technology. The superhumanly powerful being would also temporarily lose his or her powers to some extent. The superhumanly powerful being would then emerge from the portal back upon Earth. The entire process would take no more than moments. The superhumanly powerful being soon thereafter would again reach his normal power level. However, the Chief Examiner could now duplicate that being's powers for his own uses with his technology, having analyzed and drained part of them.

It is known that the Chief Examiner was sent to Earth by Durgan. However, the Chief Examiner's identity remains unknown.[1]

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


The Chief Examiner can levitate himself, and also appear from seemingly nowhere and disappear. This latter power may be a form of invisibility rather than an indication of a self-teleportation power, since it has been observed that the Chief Examiner, when pinned by rocks at one time, could not use his disappearing power to escape. However, at other times the Chief Examiner has seemed to be intangible, except for his cloak and helmet, or able to become intangible. The Chief Examiner can also somehow reprogram computers by touching them. It is not clear whether the Chief Examiner's powers are natural or are the result of the use of advanced technology.[1]


The Chief Examiner carries a small device which apparently allows him to analyze the biological structure of living beings to some extent. Possibly it also allows him to monitor the more complete analyses conducted within the portal, and it may possibly also contain the energy drained from the superhumanly powerful beings who pass through the portal.

The Chief Examiner is accompanied by a strange black rectangular portal which floats in the air and which he can somehow cause to follow him about, and to appear and disappear as he himself does. Possibly the portal is a gateway into a tiny pocket dimension. Beings lured within the portal are analyzed by an unknown technology, which also drains part of whatever superhuman energies they possess, so as to enable the Chief Examiner to use his technology to duplicate them. All of the being's memories are laid open to examination in the analysis process. The analysis process takes mere moments, and so a being who enters the portal from Earth will pass through it and return to Earth almost immediately. Passage through the portal significantly diminishes the momentum of the being or object moving through it. Most of the kinetic energy that may be directed against the portal will be absorbed or dissipated by the portal; thus, the portal can resist virtually any attack made against it.[1]

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