The impulsive Chiantang is the brother of the Dragon King. He is in fact a 100 foot deadly flying dragon. However, he often disguises himself as a mortal. He also has the ability to cast potent spells. An enraged Chiantang, transformed to his true dragon form, and ravaged and killed many citizens of K'un-Lun. He ruled the city for some time with terror and death.[1] He has been defeated, captured, and exiled on different occasions by the power of the mystic sword Dragonslayer.

Chinagtang originally sought vengeance on K'un Lun when a mortal seduced and debased his sister. Chinatang mystically transformed the offending mortal into an "Undying One" seemingly immortal dragon, chained him, and had his heart torn out and placed in a cauldron. Iron Fist challenged this dragon, slew him, and stole the "Heart of the Dragon" which became a part of his essence, his immortal Iron Fist! This act further enraged Chiantang, and he swore vengeance on Iron Fist for releasing this mortal from his undying, eternal torture.

Using the power of "Dragonslayer" Chiangtang was defeated and banished. However, his banishment was to New York City. He quickly plotted his revenge on Cage and Daniel Rand. Unfortunately for him, he was killed by Master Khan and Colleen Wing. Khan (disguised as Tyrone King) shot Chinagtang in the head while he was still in his human form. Wing decapitated Chiantang with her sword. [2]

Black Dragon (Chaingtang) was later resurrected by Nightshade. He rampaged as a dragon until Iron Fist and Black Panther defeated him. [3]

Power Grid [5]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Lower strength as human

  • Namor the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 22 changes the name of this character to "Shiatang". It also states that Shiatang is the brother of the "Undying One". This is the beast he previously transformed into a dragon, chained, and cursed him to never die.

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