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Official Name
Cheemuzwa Tribe
Organization Aliases
The Cheemuzwa, or the Silent Ones



The Cheemuzwa, or the Silent Ones are a mystic tribe dwelling in caves of the mountains known as the Dark Hills.

Encountering the Cheemuzwa, the Miracle Man convinced them to train him in their great power. They did so, but when he had mastered the skills he turned on them, trapping them under a landslide{{|Fantastic Four #138}}. When Miracle Man was defeated by the Fantastic Four, the Cheemuzwa tribe took him away again[1], trying to tutor him once more in their ways. Miracle Man subdued them and forced them to Earth with him, enacting a christams story with the Keewazi tribe. After he was defeated by the Thing and Ghost Rider, they once more took his physical form with them[2]


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