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A mystical martial arts enclave founded by Izo and led by Stick. They live apart from society in a remote wilderness location that can only be accessed by climbing "The Wall", a sheer cliff too high for the moderate human being. The climb also serves as an entrance exam. The primary function of The Chaste is to combat The Hand, a demonic shinobi cult dominated by an ancient spirit. In the story arc detailing Elektra's death and resurrection, the members of The Chaste are listed as:

  • Stick - leader of The Chaste, and known for his use of the bo
  • Stone - Stick's second in command, and can turn his body hard as stone with concentration.
  • Shaft - Uses a bow and arrow
  • Claw - Uses handheld metal blades (similar to Wolverine) in combat.
  • Star - Uses shuriken
  • Wing - Master of levitation
  • Flame - Master of pyrokinesis

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Disciples of the Chaste are highly trained to use anything around them as a weapon.

  • No special notes.

In the Elektra film, their compound was located somewhere in the American northwest, possibly Washington State.

  • None.

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