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Dr strangefate card
Information-silkReal Name Charles Xavier
Information-silkCurrent AliasDoctor Strangefate
Information-silkAliasesMage Supreme, Lord Supreme of Order
Information-silkAffiliationFormer member of the Judgment League Avengers, ally of Big Question, Myx, Nabu the Ancient One, Skulk, Jade Nova, and White Witch
Information-silkBase Of OperationsArkham Tower (also known as the Tower of Strangefate)
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkOccupationSorcerer Supreme, protector of the Amalgam Universe
Information-silkOriginDoctor Fate, Doctor Strange, and Professor X were combined in a Marvel versus DC crossover
Information-silkPlace of BirthSomewhere in America
Information-silkCreatorsRon Marz, José Luis García-López, Kevin Nowlan
First Appearance

While traveling through the Himalayas, meta-mutant Charles Xavier was rescued by Nabu the Ancient One, who was Lord Supreme of Order of the Amalgam Universe at the time. Taught the mysteries of the supernatural world at the feet of the Nabu, Xavier tapped the energies of forces both telepathic and mystical, making the dour sorcerer one of the most powerful beings in the Amalgam Universe. Already a powerful meta-mutant telepath, Xavier soon surpassed his teacher and took over as Lord Supreme of Order. One of the founding members of the Judgment League Avengers, Dr. Strangefate moved on to more solitary pursuits in shadowy realms, leaving common protection to lesser mortals


  • Doctor Fate: By simply being an incarnation of Dr. Fate, Charles automatically has superhuman strength, telekinesis, flight, and superhuman durability.
  • Sorcery: By casting spells, Doctor Strangefate has these abilities:
  • Intangibility: Able to turn intangible, allowing objects to pass through him, or vice versa.
  • Mystic Energy Bolts: Able to project energy bolts made from mystical energy.
  • Banishment: Strangefate is able to banish people or demons to other dimensions, but this only works if his magic is greater than the person he is trying to banish. He can also summon creatures from other dimensions.
  • Transmutation: Able to modify atoms and molecules.
  • Teleportation: Doctor Strangefate can teleport from one location to another.
  • Protective Shields: He can create force fields and shields from mystical energy. These are an extension of his life force.
  • Time Manipulation:Strangefate is able to slow time, travel through it, and even freeze it.
  • Dimension Traveling: Strangefate can travel through dimensions under his own power.
  • Item Conjuring: Strangefate can summon objects to him seemingly out of thin air.
  • Divine Sources: Charles can channel the forces of other gods or cosmic beings to strengthen or add to his magic.
  • Darkness of the Divine Conduit: He can forcibly take the power of another entity.
  • Cosmic Awareness: He can become able to see the entire universe, and can sense anomalies in time and space.
  • Hypnotism: Charles can force others to submit to his will and carry out his commands.
  • Levitation: Strangefate can lift himself several dozen feet off the ground.
  • Superhuman Growth: Strangefate can grow to a height of a few dozen feet tall.
  • Invisibility: Charles can use a spell to become invisible, so no one can see him.
  • Dimensional Manipulation: Xavier has the power to manipulate dimensions as he sees fit.
  • Postcognition: Charles is able to view the past.
  • Psychometry: Able to read the past and possible futures of an object.
  • Magic Detection: Xavier can sense other magic or magic users in the area.
  • Superhuman Speed: Charles can reach a speed of running beyond that of other humans.
  • Immortality: Charles has the capacity to live forever.
  • Telepathy: Charles is a natural telepath do to his mutant nature, and he can:
  • Create Telepathic Illusions
  • Cloak his Presence
  • Link his Mind with Someone Else
  • Camouflage Himself and Others
  • Mind Control/Possess Others
  • Alter the Mind of Another
  • Cause Memory Loss
  • Erect a Shield for his Mind
  • Project Psychic Force Sufficient to hurt One's Mind
  • Enter the Astral Plane
  • Detect Other Mutants in a 250-mile Radius
  • Place his Mind in Other Bodies
  • Various Other Spells: Charles can cast spells that can have nearly any other function.


  • Expert Surgeon: Charles spent many years as a surgeon and retains full knowledge of his skills.
  • Expert Strategist: Charles is a master at formulating battle plans.
  • Expert Occultist: Charles' expertise in the magic arts has made him an expert occultist.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Xavier has trained in martial arts for a long time, and it has saved his skin many a time when he couldn't use telepathy or his sorcery.
  • Psychiatrist: Charles has also spent time as a psychiatrist, and combines this with his telepathy to make him a most formidable opponent.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Charles is an expert on the subject of genetics, mutation, and psionics. He has formulated several extensive plans against enemies, and is a natural genius.
  • Military Training: Strangefate has served in the U.S. Military, and retains full knowledge of his training.
  • Knowledge of the Body: Strangefate knows all of a human's pressure points, and has maintained a peak physique since he first appeared.

Strength level

Superhuman, exact level unknown.


  • Science-Based Opponents: Strangefate has remarked that his magic is weaker against science-based opponents.
  • Dependency on Verbal Spells with Gesticulations: Strangefate's spells generally have to be said aloud, and often involve hand motions as well. He can be defeated by being gagged and bound.
  • Astral Plane Limits: Charles can only spend 24 hours on the astral plane before his body dies and he eternally becomes a spirit.
  • Loud Noise: Loud Noise can disrupt what the Helmet of Strangefate tells him, making it hard to cast spells.


Strangefate possesses several mystical artifacts, such as the Cloak of Levitation and the All-Seeing Eye, which further enhance his mystical powers. Most important being the Helmet of Strangefate.

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