Charlie was one of the first thieves caught by Spider-Man after a robbery in an isolated warehouse[1].

A while later, Charlie and a few other punks were seen casing a jewelry store by Spider-Man, who webbed them up before they could rob it. However, Charlie threatened to sue Spider-Man for assault and battery; forcing him to flee when they called the cops, since all the evidence made him look guilty[2].

After robbing a bank, Charlie and his gang confronted Unus the Untouchable.[3]

A short time later, Charlie encountered again Spider-Man when he was looking for the ISO-36 stolen by the Master Planner[4].
He later refused to give any information to Patch, being an informant.[5].

Spidey met Charlie again with other thugs in a private club which they were racketeering. During the fight, Charlie threw him some kind of miniaturized grenade that stunned Spidey and let them escape[6].

Some time later, together with Big Eddie and Rocky, Charlie was caught stealing fur coats by Yellowjacket, who defeated them and delivered them to the police[7].

A short time later, while Charlie and other fellow criminals were talking about hiring Stilt-Man to kill Foggy Nelson before his D.A. election, they were attacked by Daredevil and were forced to escape by car[8].


None, human.

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