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The mostly invisible Chandi

Chandi originated from Ethiopia and was brought to England to work as an assistant to Basil Drake. Drake would go insane when refused the right to marry Ellen Chadwick, the daughter of Sir John Chadwick. Inventing an invisibility potion, he would use it to render Chandi mostly invisible (option to leave Chandi's hands visible, likely to enhance the terror of his victims) and have the servant strangle members of the Chadwick family to death.

These murders would prompt Sir John to call on his American colleague Professor Philo Zog to aid in solving the murders with his robot invention Electro. On Zog's first night there, Chandi would attack again. When Electro was incapable of stopping the attacker initially, Zog would rush into the next room and wing the invisible attacker with a bullet sending Chandi fleeing back to Drake's home.

Following Chandi there, Electro would strangle Chandi into submission before going to confront Drake. However, Drake, fearful of the robot would commit suicide instead of allowing himself captured. Later when investigating the scene, Zog and his friends would be attacked by the now fully visible Chandi, who Zog would be forced to shoot.


Invisibility: Chandi used an invisibility solution that rendered him invisible.


Chandi used an invisibility solution that rendered him invisible.

Other Invisiblity Serum mutates: Leonard Gade, Arnold Ogley, Invisible Woman(Olga Petrov/Petrova)[[1]] and Darick Gallhager.

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