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Breese was a bank robber who led a mob under the name of the Chameleon in 1945. He obtained a job at Jonathan Mortimer's mortuary as an assistant for the purposes of digging a tunnel between the mortuary and the bank next door.

In order to dig this tunnel, Breese created a fake organization called the Fraternity of Fat Fellows, a group that supposedly provided aid for overweight men. Then placing an add looking for a secretary that fit Mortimer's exact height and weight, Breese convinced Mortimer to apply for the position. This gave the Chameleon and his men plenty of time to dig the tunnel while Mortimer was away on his Fraternity duties.

When the tunnel was completed, Breese had the Fraternity suddenly dissolved and shut down. When Mortimer went to confirm this he was tossed off the property by the landlord, attracting the attention of Captain America and Bucky who decided to investigate what they first believed to be an elaborate prank.

Spotting the two heroes snooping around the mortuary, the Chameleon had his men try to gun them down in a speeding truck. However, Cap and Bucky jumped on board and forced the shooter to reveal who his employer was. As the driver bailed out, the truck drove off a bridge while Cap and Bucky bailed out. Assuming that Captain America was killed, the Chameleon and his gang then began plotting the next part of their operation when Cap's continued searching around the property set off his alarm. Ordering his men to hide in coffins, Breese doffed his disguised and pretended to be sick in bed. However, when Captain America and Bucky came to question him, Cap noticed that Breese was still wearing his shoes.

Ultimately discovering Breese's plot, Cap and Bucky attempted to stop the Chameleon and his men from making their robbery. The heroes were then knocked out and left tied to a conveyor belt leading to a furnace to die. Cap managed to short out the conveyor and free himself and Bucky and then stop the Chameleon and his gang. Cap then unmasked the Chameleon revealing him to Breese and then turned him over to the authorities.

The Chameleone's subsequent activities are unknown.


The Chameleon wore a mask to conceal his identity.


The Chameleon was armed with a pistol.

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