Early in the universe's history, the alien sorcerer X'Hoss foretold the birth of the Designate, destined to elevate all life to greatness. To guide future generations, he created the Illumination Stone, the Map of All-Ending, and the Chalice of Ruins.

In recent years, the mad Titan Thanos obtained X'Hoss' objects of power and decimated Thor Girl's (who is destined to become the Designate) homeworld. Opposed by the thunder god Thor, Thanos soon defeated him and Tarene wept for Thor's sacrifice. Collecting her tears in the Chalice of Ruins, Thanos received awesome power. However, when Thor took the Illumination Stone from Thanos, the villain was overwhelmed by power and defeated.


Filled with Thor Girl's tears and used in conjunction with the Illumination Stone, the Chalice grants awesome power.

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