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History of character is unknown.


Mephisto took his soul, bestowing immortality up him. Lacking a soul, Centurious is immune to magic that targets souls, such as Ghost Rider's hellfire.


Studying for centuries, Centurious has become a highly-skilled magic user. He can use magic to levitate, cast illusions, make energy blasts, manipulate the elements, perform telekinesis, control animals, and summon demons. He can use magic to enhance his physical attributes. He was also able to give powers to his followers. Plant-life touched by him instantly withers and rots. He was able to feed on the essence of humans, causing the turn to dust.


Lacking a soul, Centurious can feel no emotion.


Centurious used to own the Crystal of Souls which enabled him to trap peoples' souls and use them to increase his power.

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