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Centerville is a small American town in California. It is the hometown of Patsy Walker.[2][3][4]

Centerville gained notoriety when Dorothy Walker began publishing a series of comics based on her daughter and friends.[5][3][4]

When the Patsy Walker comics went out of print, Centerville went into an economic slump. The town continued to struggle until Hedy Wolfe gained the rights to and began republishing the classic Patsy Walker comics. With the renewed interest and funds, Hedy helped transform the town in into a destination resort where visitors could experience the "perfect middle-American small town". The renovation also included amusement park-style attractions.[4]

Around the time of the renovation, many Centervillians were possessed by demons under the control of the sorcerer Nicholas Scratch and the demon Daboia working with the Sons of the Serpent. They town was rescued from the demons by Hellcat and the Avengers.[4]

Seven months after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Centerville targeted by Faysal Al-Tariq and his forces on Easter Sunday. Al-Tariq's forces dropped mines leveling much of the city. Captain America was deployed by Nick Fury to rescue the citizen hostages and take down the terrorists.[6]

Points of Interest

When Hedy Wolfe gained the rights to and began republishing the classic Patsy Walker comics, she also helped transform the town in into a destination resort with several amusement park-style attractions, including:[4]

Centerville from Avengers Annual Vol 3 2000

Hedy Wolfe's transformed Centerville destination resort with amusement park-style attractions

  • The Centerville Serpent, roller coaster
  • A Date with Patsy, old mill ride
  • The Fashion Plate, clothing store
  • Girls on the Go-Go Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Hedy's Wolfe-at-the-Door House of Horrors, haunted house
  • Krautmann's Sodas, old fashion ice cream parlor and drug store
  • Mickey's Merry-Go-Round, carousel
  • Miss Bliss's Classroom Cut-Ups, funhouse
  • Tubs' & Nan's Pedal-Tubs, paddle boats
  • Walker Family Home
  • Patsy and Hedy's Apartment


Former Residents

Alternate realities

Humorverse (Earth-9047)

In the Humorverse, Centerville is also the headquarters of Patsy Walker and her family. Drawing and plot style changes as an in-joke.[7]


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