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Cell Combattre
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Terrorist sect of the independent branch Front de Libération du Québec[citation needed] or inspired by them[1]

Cell Combattre was a violent sect of the Front de Liberation du Quebec,[citation needed] a sovereignty movement, or inspired by them.[1] The group was comprised of six core members with a seventh member acting as courier. The Cell Combattre was infamous for its attack on an RCMP station at Christmas time where all the police officers were slain. Eventually, the group retired and returned to semi-normal lives, hoping that no one would determine their true identity. When one of the leaders was murdered, it was revealed that Northstar was the seventh member.

A vigilante, Scourge, was out to kill off the remaining Cell members. Northstar attempted to save the remaining members. Alpha Flight felt the need to offer their assistance to Jean-Paul and followed him by using the microchip he was implanted with as a member of Alpha Flight. Unknown to Alpha Flight, they were being followed by the murderer, Scourge, and only realized it when all but two of the members were dead. [2]

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