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13th Atlantean Sleeper Cell
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Atlantean terrorist cell
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Seattle, Washington


Cell-13 is the 13th Atlantean Sleeper Cell created to attack the surface world. The members of the team were altered to appear human and breathe and operate on the surface world. Arath's DNA was altered so he could absorb other superhuman powers specifically Nitro and Krakos strength was enhanced to match the likes of Namor in battle. The cell was led by Kamar, the estranged son of Namor and was assigned by Zoran to go to the surface and use their new powers to attack various US targets.

The first target for the cell was at random as they ended up in the small town of Bentonville, Kansas. They found a young man there called Jacob Anderson, who they tortured to death and carved gills into his neck. Kamar and Krakos then leave Arath to his task as he detonates and kills about 1000 people.

The team then traveled to the city of Seattle, with the plan to construct a device to absorb all the moisture from the air, causing all the humans in the city to suffocate. During the mission the trio kills a innocent bystander called Marv just for getting to close. Arath grew inpatient with the plan but Kamar was able to persuade him to hold back for the right moment.

The Atlantean terrorists disguised as garbage men set up the final component to the extractor device. Krakos then kills another human by tossing him the back of the garbage truck. They surveyed the city and their future victims from the top of the Space needle.

The team still keeps their disguises as they travel to Unocorp building and trap a number of humans inside, which included John. All the humans were doomed to be killed by the extractor device. Namor the Sub-Mariner then arrives to stop the terrorist and destroy the device, but the super-strong Krakos punches down to the ground before he can destroy the device.

Kamar then reveals himself to his estranged father and how everything he was to blame. Namor is took back by his sons presence, and just stands their as his son explain his deep hatred for him and the humans he protects. Namor then realizes his opportunity to destroy the machine but is grabbed by Arath who absorbs his powers. Arath pulls him into the air and beats him repeatedly, until Namor is able to rip off his duplicated ankle wings, causing the Arath to fall to his death and be impaled on the Space Needle.

Knowing that Namor could not reason with Kamar he knocked his son unconscious and returned Atlantis to quell the usurpers.

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