The Cavalier Infantry Support System was a secret project of robotics developed by Dr. Jack Cooper. It was intended to be used as infantry support in combat conditions, but as a safer (and cheaper) alternative to a tank, with comparable firepower. It was also to be used as support to police forces, as a low-risk weapon against super-powered threats: A security program forbids it to damage innocent bystanders or destroy property without need.

The Cavalier was built in a secret federal government lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The lab was managed by former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury and included another project, one about "chronal locomation" led by former Nazi scientist Klaus Kruptmann. The lab itself was top secret.

When the Cavalier prototype had been built, Fury contacted with some super-heroes to perform a test. While the heroes battled the robot, Fury intended to write some notes. However, the test was interrupted when six lab-coated men revealed to be Nazi elite Blautot Commandos. The Commandos had sneaked in the base to steal the Cavalier and take it to 1943 to be used by Nazi Germany. The super-heroes discovered that the Cavalier was only programmed to attack them, not the intruders, and suddenly found themselves fighting both the Nazis and the robot.

Although the Nazi threat was neutralized, apparently the Cavalier project was discontinued or else was used only in covert operations.


Robotic construction: Cavalier has a hull protecting from some physical damage. It is immune to emotional, mind and illusion attacks.

Strength level

Superhuman strength


The prototype was incomplete: Certain attacks open a panel showing unprotected wires, which made the Cavalier very vulnerable to a bullseye attack there.


  • Armored hull protecting it against blunt attacks, energy, force, heat, cold and radiation, in different measures. The hull is electrified to avoid wrestling attacks
  • Sensors to identify targets


Power legs (adding stability)


Two linked blaster cannons in the upper hull. Aiming is improved by a tracking system against a target.

Physically the Cavalier resembles the ED-209 (the fully mechanized system) from the 1987 film Robocop, whilst its protocols are similar to those of the eponymous hero of that film.

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