Mister Fantastic and De'Lila came about twenty miles northwest of Tillson to an avalanche site in the Catskills in order to investigate a report of a flying saucer being grabbed by a bigfoot and carried off into a great tunnel under the mountains. After breaking the rock cover, they entered a tunnel towards Subterranea[1].

Some time later, attracted by visions of the Jackal, the Scarlet Spider came here to confront Jack, but he was defeated by the Guardian[2].
Followed by Spider-Man, they both reached the Jackal in his secret cryogenic laboratory, where he introduced to them Gwen Stacy[3].
As Gwen's clone deteriorated rapidly, the Jackal told none of them was the real Peter Parker and escaped with Jack, while Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider managed to get away before the whole laboratory exploded[4].
Kaine then searched the ruins to retrieve the Jackal's secret files, and then fled as soon as Scrier appeared and confronted the Jackal.[5]

Many years later, Matthew Murdock rescued the children from the Cresskill School for the Blind when their bus crashed during a snowstorm in the Catskills.[6]

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