Not much is known about the Catman. By 1947 he was a mental patient at a charity hospital in New York. There he was manipulated by Dr. Kale who had various patients take out insurance policies and name him as a beneficiary in return for all the work he had done for them. Decking the mental patient out in a cat costume, Kale (wearing a false-face mask to conceal his identity) convinced the Catman to kill these patients for him.

After the fifth victim, the police called in the Human Torch and Toro to investigate. The pair stopped the Catman from murdering his next victim, but the Catman managed to escape. They learned about the victims insurance policy naming Kale as the beneficiary and found it was the common connection with all the victims. Going to the charity hospital, the Torch and Toro are shown around by "Dr. Frances" (really Dr. Kale with his mask off) but find nothing.

Staking the place out, the two heroes hear the Catman's insane meowing scream and find him chained up in the basement with Dr. Kale. A fight breaks out and Kale escapes, with the two heroes following after him. During the struggle, the chains binding the Catman had broke and the Catman then raced after to find his "friend" Dr. Kale. Upstairs he came across Kale, with his mask off pointing a gun at the Torch and Toro. Not recognizing his "friend", the Catman pounced sending them both falling out a window and landing in a barge below. The Catman was killed in the fall, and Kale was turned over to the authorities.[1]


The Catman was completely insane.


Catman's gloves were equipped with razor sharp claws on each finger.

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