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Catherine apparently was trained in demon-worship by her mother, who was Sister Saint of the cult Demon-Fire. Her mother abandoned Catherine and her sister Amanda at some time. In reality, she trained Catherine to become ruler of a local sect of the cult while she relocated to a different sect in Maine.

Catherine continued to live with Amanda, but as Poison-Lark, led Katabolik and other cult members in efforts to capture her. She was valuable to the cult as a virgin sacrifice. Amanda escaped their first attempt with aid from Morbius, but was captured in their second. Catherine revealed her true identity to Amanda as she summoned the giant demon-spider Arachne to kill her. However, Arachne was killed by Morbius, and its death-throws brought down Demon-Fire's temple, apparently killing the cult members present, including Catherine[1].


Catherine had access to books of magic, such as the Lemegeton, which she could use to cast spells, such as to summon a demon. She also commanded her superhumanly strong pawn, Katabolik.

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