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Quotes by Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616)

Quote1 Jean and I were close. When we lost her, it was people outside the system--Daredevil and Spider-Man--Who brought down the Sin-Eater. They got justice for Jean when no one else could. I never forgot that. The way things have been lately... Phychopaths like Massacre, and the Department escalating in response... I decided I had to do something. Steam the tide of death with a dose of fear. Scare people straight... And it worked. Quote2
--Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616)
Quote1 "The System"? "The System" run by idiot paper pushers like my chief and corrupt judges like Anson Howell? See for yourself. "The System" is a joke. It always was. I'm just not laughing anymore. Quote2
--Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616)
Quote1 One of Mr. Negative's Inner Demons. Masquerading as the Crime Master. Quote2
--Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616)
Quote1 More than a friend, Teddy Rangel mentored me my first year on the force. He had my back. He was my "rabbi." Everything I am today, I owe to that man. Quote2
--Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616)
Quote1 ' Quote2
--Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616)

Conversations with Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616)

No Image FemaleRonnie Chin
Who are you?
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Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616) from Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 16 001
You want to know? Ha ha ha! Here, I'll show you...
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Amazing Spider-Man #663

Quote1 Maybe that's the problem. I've been trying too hard to follow the rules. I became The Wraith because following the rules wasn't enough. I quit after Carlie discovered my secret but promised not to turn me in. I only took the mask again to help her expose Doc Ock's connection to Spider-Man's strange behavior a few months ago. Since then I've struggled to find my way back to being a "good cop." But being a "good cop" got my friend killed and set Tombstone free. Time for plan B. Quote2

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