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Quotes by Victor Creed (Earth-161)

Quote1 You think just 'cause Storm took my eyes, this fight's over? X-Men, it's only just begun! Quote2
--Victor Creed (Earth-161)
Quote1 I'd rake these kids over the coals -- if that woman didn't catch me by surprise as well. She's good. Hooray for her. I'm the best. Quote2
--Victor Creed (Earth-161)
Quote1 Thing is, Xavier, I know who I am and what I do. That's the difference between me an' the boy -- with him, it was, 'what I do best isn't very nice.' What I do best is glorious. I never hid that. Quote2
--Victor Creed (Earth-161)
Quote1 Nice bed, decent space -- but I gotta ask about the ankle bracelet. Makes a body think there's no trust. Quote2
--Victor Creed (Earth-161)