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Quotes by Victor Borkowski (Earth-616)Edit

Quote1 Uh, hello. Gay? Quote2
--Victor Borkowski (Earth-616)
Quote1 You're a stone cold genius, Santo. A pre-cog that knows things. Who'da thunk? Quote2
--Victor Borkowski (Earth-616)
Quote1 You see, it's me. Before I left I was a mutant, but I'm different. And that's what you don't get. We! We're supposed to be learning, playing video games, going on dates, not fighting the #$@% devil!! But you robbed us of that. We let you, but we didn't know any better. You did. We were just kids. We worshiped you guys, wanted to be you. You took us in, changed us, made us what you needed us to be and then told us to go home when you were done. Quote2
--Victor Borkowski (Earth-616)