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Quotes by Steven Harmon (Earth-616)

Quote1 Ooh, shiny. "Ready to transmit brain patterns to new host body". that would be funny. Why don't we just save that for later? Quote2
--Steven Harmon (Earth-616)
Quote1 You think he gives a damn about us? About this team? He cares about the score, yeah... cares that we can do the work. But me personally? I'm just pencil-scratch bones and ink flesh. If i die here, he'd just replace me... probably with someone who would work a lot cheaper. He'd replace all of us. So I think it's time we replace him. Quote2
--Steven Harmon (Earth-616)
Quote1 Who's gonna tell Deadpool? Let me go on the record as saying: Not it. But somebody better volunteer... before he drags us off on another ill-planned escapade. Quote2
--Steven Harmon (Earth-616)
Quote1 Who are you to offer vocational training? All the guys you hit are still alive! You're, like, the worst mercenary ever! Quote2
--Steven Harmon (Earth-616)
Quote1 Stop... Hammer Time! Quote2
--Steven Harmon (Earth-616)

Quote1 Stop...Hammer Time! Quote2

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