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Quotes by Slaymaster (Earth-616)Edit

Quote1 Fool! You have not the strength to kill... Quote2
--Slaymaster (Earth-616)
Quote1 Captain? No, surely not. The costume and the build are wrong, but then... The voice...the simple-minded are Captain Britain, aren't you? Oh, but surely the Prophet smiles upon me. Ha ha ha this is priceless. ... I'm Slaymaster. It's been a long time, Captain. Quote2
--Slaymaster (Earth-616)
Quote1 I promise you that this will be the last blow that you will feel, Captain. This one will sever your arm, and then you'll faint. And then I'll finish it. Perhaps you will be a warrior in your next incarnation and we shall meet again. I hope so, I've rather enjoyed this. Quote2
--Slaymaster (Earth-616)

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