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Quotes by Simon Savage (Earth-616)Edit

Quote1 Remember the Alamo! Quote2
--Simon Savage (Earth-616)
Quote1 Strangely enough, Sergeant, I don't see a major difference between being shot on or out of uniform. They tell me a .45 slug cuts as good through G.I. fatigues as it does through a pin-stripe suit. Quote2
--Simon Savage (Earth-616)
Quote1 When I want excuses, Sergeant, I'll ask for them! If one man goofs up -- the entire unit fails! Quote2
--Simon Savage (Earth-616)
Quote1 That's a little more like it! I was afraid for a minute that perhaps you were all being insubordinate! I'm delighted to learn that you're all merely hard of hearing! Quote2
--Simon Savage (Earth-616)